Apart from great food, another aspect of concern that restaurant guest may have is the price that will be paid for the menu.  Just how much will the delightful evening of TGI Friday’s goodies and great food cost you?  TGI Fridays menu prices hold the key to how much will remain after you have paid for your meal at this restaurant.  The different menu areas of the TGI Fridays menu include individual appetizers, appetizers to share, the taste and share menu, the sizzling menu, seafood, salads, soup, chicken and Pasta menu, Black Angus menu, sandwiches, Jack Daniel’s Grill and premium entrees, signature sides, desserts, non-alcoholic beverages, kid’s menus and kid’s drinks.    TGI Fridays menu prices may differ slightly from one restaurant to another based on different factors including accessibility of ingredients.  However, the menu prices usually fall within the same range.

Appetizers like buffalo wings are usually in the range of $10 and this is the general trend for most appetizers on the menu.  There may also be some specials such as the popular Friday’s Pick Three option which is under $15.  Loaded potato skins which is a popular delight at the restaurant is priced at $9.  The TGI Fridays menu prices get more expensive with regards to the steak menu.  Steakhouse delights such as the Jack Daniel’s New York strip are priced at over $20 and is served with a choice of two sides.  Classic sirloin steaks are also around the $20 price point.  However, there are less expensive menu items that range from $8.99 to $14.99a and these include pecan crusted chicken salads, Cajun shrimp and chicken pasta, Jack Daniel’s chicken sandwich, BBQ chicken wrap and Bruschetta chicken pasta.  A serving of vanilla bean cheesecake dessert is usually priced around $6.08.

To assist with TGI Fridays menu prices, guests at the restaurant can take advantage of special offers and discounted prices when available.  Such special offers when available may include TGI Friday’s Pick 2 for $10 coupons.  For this special offer, a list of eligible menu items that can be picked is provided.  For instance, under the Pick 2 for $10 offer, appetizers may include classic wedge salad, fried mozzarella, spinach Florentine flatbread and crispy green bean fries.  Also in the pick 2 for $10 special offer, guests can offer entrees such as cheeseburgers, Jack Daniel’s burger, Jack Daniel’s chicken & shrimp skewers, dragon-fire chicken, crispy chicken fingers, chicken Caesar salad and Friday’s shrimp menu items.  There are also Pick 2 for $12 offers and special offers may differ from one TGI Friday’s restaurant to another.  In some restaurant locations, the special offers may not be applicable.  The restaurant may also impose restrictions on various aspects of the menu or special offers.  For instance the special offers regarding TGI Fridays menu prices may only be available for a limited time and may not be used for take-out meal options.  In addition, the discounts off the menu are limited to a single offer per person.  To save even more off the TGI Fridays menu prices, guests can sign up for the Give Me More Stripes club and receive information about special offers and discounts through email.

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