TGI Fridays 2 for 20 Menu

It may not be every day that you may have really thanked God that it is Friday. Many a times it is plainly because you are going to enjoy your weekend by spending time with your family or you may have planned for a weekend get together with your friends. Have you ever wanted to enjoy the freedom and fun that you have on Fridays on all other days of the week as well. Well, at the TGI Fridays restaurant you will always feel that it’s Friday everyday.

The TGIF has a special menu for two people at just $20. It is referred to as the “TGI Fridays 2 for 20 menu”. And yes, you read it right. You can now have an Appetizer, two entrees and desserts for just $20. You can share a shrimp cocktail or some dessert for the given amount or may add another $4.99 and enjoy a lot more other varieties. Have you ever wondered if a three course meal would be possible for two people at just 20 bucks. It is now a reality and you can storm right away into the nearby TGIF restaurant and grab your deal. Here is a sneak peek of the TGI Fridays 2 for 20 menu.

As mentioned before, you can either share a shrimp cocktail amongst two people or choose any other appetizer of your choice that does not exceed this amount.  The Friday’s shrimps are specially served on Fridays. They come served with a dozen shrimps battered and deep fried in a way that they just turn golden brown. The meal includes French fries served along some tangy sauce.

The next choice on theTGI Fridays 2 for 20 menu is the Dragon Fire chicken. This is a combination of chicken breast along with Chinese Kung Pao sauce. The taste is just amazing and you will love the nutritional content in it. This is for all those who are coming straight out of the gym and make sure to keep your protein in check. This dish is served along with rice, mandarin oranges and broccoli. Now, that is one healthy snack.

Next, you can have chicken fingers that are dressed with honey mustard along with some fries.

There are more chicken options on the TGI Fridays 2 for 20 menu. They offer Chicken Bruschetta Pasta which is made by combining toss al dente angel hair pasta along with bruschetta marinara along with fresh and juicy grilled chicken breast. The dish is then grated with some Romano cheese that makes it a lip smacking dish.

You can add another $2.99 or $4.99 and  be served Jack Daniel’s chicken and pepper crusted pork chops. You can also have some Chicken and shrimp. The famous 10 Oz Sirloin is also available that will be topped with some butter making it a delicious meal.

These are some specials of the TGIF 2 for 20 menu. It is definitely a steal given the amount that you would be paying for a meal that would be enough for two people. So thank God it’s Friday!

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